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How does buying land online from Axis Investment Properties work?

Buying land from us is the easiest real estate transaction you will ever experience.

  1. Take a look at our listings and decide what you would like. Feel free to call us if you have questions or concerns. We are happy to help you in any way we can!

  2. Put money down. This can be done online or by phone. Most properties sell quickly, so we try to make it fast and easy for you to lock up your favorite parcel.

  3. Sign paperwork. Once you have put money down, we create all the required paperwork and send it to you via email for your signature. We are happy to walk you through all the paperwork and the signing process. It's quick and easy.

  4. Pay remaining balance. Any remaining purchase balance or unpaid fees will be collected.

  5. Have fun on your new property!

  6. On a cash deal, the deed is notarized and sent to the county recorder. A copy of the recorded deed is then emailed to you.

Never bought land online before? You aren't alone, check out what people in your same boat said about doing business with us here.

Can I really just add a property to my cart and buy it?

You sure can, but there is still a little work to be done.

Adding the property to the cart and paying for it will lock the property up so that it cannot be sold to someone else. It will also trigger us to give you a call and collect all the necessary information to create the land purchase paperwork. Once that paperwork has been signed, you can then call the property yours.

What fees are involved in buying from Axis Investment Properties?

On a cash deal, there is only one fee: the document prep fee which is typically $500.

On a financed deal, there are two fees: the document prep fee of $500 plus a $10/month note servicing fee. On a financed deal we also collect and pay property taxes for you. So while this isn't a fee, it is money that will be collected in addition to your monthly payment. This amount varies from property to property, but you can find it in the property listing under "Terms".

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit and debit cards, money orders, certified/cashier’s checks, and for owner financed deals we also accept bank transfers (ACH).

How long does it take to close on a property?

The time frame is mostly up to you. There will be a little back and forth to collect your information and get signatures, but once you have made your down payment and signed the papers, we can close in as little time as 1-2 business days. 

Do you offer owner financing?

We sure do. The minimum down payment for each parcel is shown in the property listing under the section titled "Terms". If you would like to put more down than what is displayed in the listing or would like to try and lower the monthly payment, give us a call. We are typically pretty flexible and will try to work with your budget if we can.

Can I go look at the property?

You are more than welcome to checkout any of our properties at any time, as long as it's still for sale. If a property is marked as "Pending" please contact us first.

How do I get to the property?

Most of our properties are rural enough that they have not yet been assigned an address, therefore, we provide an interactive map in each property listing under the section titled "Map". This map allows you to not only see the property location and boarders, but you can also zoom and pan around so that you can see the available routes. We also include GPS coordinates to the center of the parcel under the section titled "Property Details". Additionally, we are always happy to talk with you if you give us a call or text. We will help you with any additional directions you may need.

Can I schedule a time to have someone take me out to the property?

We do not schedule tours. We welcome you to go out to our properties at your own convenience. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please just give us a call or text.

Do you own the property or are you a broker?

We are not a brokerage. We own all the property we have listed.

I'm a real estate professional with an interested buyer, do you pay realtor commissions?

We do not pay commissions.

What can I do on the property?

The things you are allowed to do on a parcel are governed by local municipalities and therefore there is not one answer to this question. We provide the zoning information under the "Zoning" section of the property listings. Here you will find the governing body's zoning designation for the property in question. We further try to describe what that means. To fully understand the zoning implications, we recommend you visit the governing body's website.

Is there access to the property?

Almost all of our properties have either legal or practical access to them. Most have both in the form of dirt or gravel roads and easements. Please look under "Property Details" in the individual property listing.

Are there utilities on the property?

For the most part, our properties do not have utilities to them. There are exceptions from time to time though. Look under the section titled "Property Details" in the parcel listing to see available utilities for a specific property.

Are mineral rights included?

We never guarantee mineral rights. Mineral rights are a complicated issue and requires special professional services to verify that the rights were never stripped from the property. That said, we don't take out the mineral rights for a property, so if they have not been previously stripped out, they would transfer to you.

Are water rights included?

We do not guarantee water rights. Water rights vary from one jurisdiction to another, often the water rights are owned by the state and need to be acquired separately from the property.

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