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1.00 Acres – Near Dolan Springs, AZ - 319-15-141

1.00 Acres – Near Dolan Springs, AZ - 319-15-141

SKU: 319-15-141

At 1.0 acre, this property is the perfect wilderness sanctuary. The parcel is located at the base of Mt. Tipton Wilderness Area and is Northwest of Dolan Springs. You will not get bored here with plenty of open space for RV adventures, ATV’s, dirt bikes, hiking, and biking. Relax and ponder as you enjoy the view of the Black Mountains and many Joshua trees. If you need to cool down head over to Lake Mohave, just 60 minutes away! If you’re in need of any amenities you can swing by Walmart or Home Depot in the nearby Kingman.

  • Terms

    Cash Price: $1,999 plus $500 document prep fee


    Owner Financing: $100 Down plus $500 Document prep fee, $100 per month for 24 months.


    Note: monthly property taxes of $3 will be collected as well as a $10/month note servicing fee on financed properties.

  • Map

  • Photos

    Photos are not of actual property, but are of the immediate vicinity.  Consult maps for exact details.

  • Property Details

    • Parcel ID: 319-15-141
    • Address/GPS: Mohave County AZ / 35.605070° -114.304915°
    • Size: 1.00 Acres
    • Terrain: Gentle to flat grade
    • Conveyance: Warranty Deed
    • Access: Dirt road, 4x4 recommended
    • Power: None, Would be by solar, wind, or generator
    • Water: None, Would be by well or tank
    • Sewer: None, Would be by septic
    • HOA Fees: $0
    • Taxes: Approximately $32.14 per year
  • Zoning


    "The A-R zone is primarily intended to allow single-family residential uses on suburban and rural parcels, and also allow domestic livestock, other personal agricultural endeavors, and other uses listed below. Agricultural operations on parcels of five (5) acres or more may be eligible for an exemption from some provisions of this Section." Mohave County Zoning Ordinance

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are happy to provide our buyers with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on every property we sell.  Your satisfaction is our number one concern.  If your property does not meet your expectations or is not what we said it was, then we will be happy to give you a full refund or exchange it for another property in our portfolio.

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